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Arnica is a natural remedy you should know, is a plant that usually grows in mountainous areas and its flowers, which have a deep yellow color, are beginning to see in the summer. Its name means sheepskin and because the leaves are soft and furry.

Arnica is widely used to treat a variety of injuries and prevent lumps appear, place in case of shock, sprains, fractures, falls, dislocations, and in all cases act in good way.

It is highly recommended if Menses, skin boils, acne, eczema bluish, problems in the vocal cords, laryngitis, pharyngitis, dysphonia, hoarseness, appendicitis and chronic fatigue.

But this plant is also widely used before, during and after surgical, dental and even intervention in labor. In case of vascular diseases, platelet and other diseases that produce bleeding; in strokes and heart disease. In cases of flu also arnica it is very effective, and anorexia nervosa or post-traumatic.

INGREDIENTS: Water, mineral oil, glycerin, glyceryl monostearate, stearic acid, arnica extract, cetyl alcohol, nipagin, nipasol, triethanolamine, essence.

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