What weakens our immune system?

In Italy 99% of Covid-19 deaths occurred in people with lifestyle-related medical problems (hypertension, diabetes, cancer, etc.). The common denominator of all lifestyle diseases is "low-grade chronic inflammation" and "Insulin Resistance". Insulin resistance contributes to the development of these diseases and alters immune function. Therefore, it is not surprising that these patients have the worst prognosis.

What causes insulin resistance?

  1. Saturated fat of animal origin (meat, milk, cheese, egg).
  2. Simple carbohydrates (refined flour, milk, industrial pastries, etc).
  3. The processed ones (with a lot of salt, a lot of sugar and a lot of additives).

One of the best strategies to defeat the Covid-19 is in the food. A plant-based diet is useful to prevent, treat and even reverse these diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.