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The horse chestnut has interesting properties and benefits against hemorrhoids, varicose veins, venous insufficiency and swollen legs.

The horse chestnut is native to Asia, its scientific name is Aesculus hippocastanum and belongs to the family of Sapindaceae. It is a relief for cases which present heavy legs, poor circulation, cramps, tingling in the legs, swelling in the legs. The Horse Chestnut are attributed the following medicinal properties: venotónicas, antipyretic, healing (wounds and ulcers) and hemostatic.


Among the other most important benefits it provides horse chestnut can mention especially the following:

Strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
It facilitates blood circulation.
Prevents edema formation.
Relieves heavy legs.
Improves varicose veins.
It prevents and relieves hemorrhoids
Relieves menstrual cramps.
For domestic consumption is better to opt for products Buckeye that have already been processed in the laboratory to ingestion is done safely. It is also important to be guided by professionals when consumption and follow their guidelines. It is advisable to prepare homemade infusions since the raw plant turns out to be poisonous.