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Ventre Tea

La importancia de sentirse ligero.


Box with 30 envelopes of 2 g c / or

Sheet sen (Cassia angustifolia), green tea leaf (Camellia sinensis), tea leaf red (Camellia sinensis), white tea (Camellia sinensis).

Instructions for use:
To place one On of tea in a water cup boiling During 5 Minutes. To take them them preferably IN nights. In case of needing better Results, Taking 2 envelopes simultaneously.

The sem to defecate often is one much ancient suffering where it has been demonstrated that can produce complaints route auto-intoxication, this is provoked by the bad digestion of the Food in the one that poisonous substances produce to themselves absorbed that filho and go on to the blood, being considered to be to the auto-intoxication the most widely used suffering on a global scale.

Current studies have demonstrated a less quality of life Between the persons with Problems on having evacuated compared to the population in general. This suffering in chronic form has an Estimated predominance of 25 %. About 30 % of the Adults Older than 65 years endures it. 75 % of the Human beings who present it uses some type of Medicine for its solution of for life and more than 50 % EUA home-made remedies That never manage to solve its Problem of a definitive form.