How do I return a product?

The way to make a return is very simple. Send an email to [email protected] with your purchase ticket and the reason for the return.

The only reason why the return of goods is made and the return of your order is if the product we send does not correspond to the product purchased. The shipment is on our own.
If you want to return a product because it does not meet your expectations, you must pay the shipping cost.
To accept a return the product must be closed and in the same conditions in which we send it to you. In case of arriving damaged, open or in conditions other than the one we sent it, it will not be possible to re-send your correct order.

Once the product arrives, it is sent to verification to determine if it is possible to re-ship the correct product. This process takes 2 or 3 business days. Once the product comes out again, we will inform you of the new guide.

Can I return or exchange all products?

Beware, returns or changes are not accepted in the following products:

Supplements, Vitamins, Natural Products, etc.
Clothes in general.
Cosmetics and Perfumes.
Groceries and Groceries.
We can make the change of the merchandise (all) only if the product we send does not correspond to the product purchased; and if the returned product is in the same condition in which it was sent.

If we make a mistake and the product you receive is not the one you bought, you have 5 days to notify us [email protected] and be able to make the change.