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MAXICLORURO Caps 100 capsules

The magnesium chloride works as a food supplement full health benefits, which help us maintain vital young body, as well as help fight and prevent infections. This compound is really useful and beneficial for all ages.

Magnesium Chloride has the following benefits:
It works as an excellent blood purifier that helps balance the pH. With this benefit, magnesium chloride helps prevent many diseases.
Magnesium chloride helps remove acid that accumulates in the kidneys, promoting kidney health and functioning.
It stimulates brain function and nerve impulse transmission, thus contributing to have a mental balance.
It is ideal for athletes or people with high physical performance, as it helps to prevent and combat muscle strains, cramps, fatigue and / or muscle fatigue.
It stimulates the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, in turn preventing heart disease.
It helps dissolve bad cholesterol levels, stimulating good blood circulation and preventing illness.
It is a powerful anti-stress also helps fight depression, dizziness and fatigue remedy.
It plays an important role in regulating body temperature paper.
It prevents problems like hemorrhoids, improves intestinal health and helps in cases such as colitis, constipation, among others.
Prevents prostate problems and helps fight.
Research has found that it can help prevent and fight cancerous tumors.
Strengthens the immune system, helping to prevent and fight colds, flu and infections.
Prevents premature aging because it brings vitality to the body and promotes cell regeneration.
It is essential for the prevention of osteoporosis as it acts as a fixer of calcium in the bones.
Magnesium chloride prevents the formation of kidney stones, preventing calcium oxalate accumulates in them.
Promotes women's health because it decreases the symptoms of PMS and stimulates the hormonal regulation.
Fights free radicals preventing the formation of tumors and warts.
Magnesium chloride promotes cleansing of the arteries, in turn preventing arteriosclerosis.

Ingredients: magnesium chloride FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION

Directions: Take 2 to 3 capsules before meals.

Presentation: Bottle of 100 capsules