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Happiness that moves.


Jar with 75 g

MSM 85%, purified water, methyl salicylate, Emulgen, ethanol, carbopol, glycerin, Ethomeen and rosemary extract (Rosemary officinalis).

Topical use. Apply with light circular massage on the desired area 3 times a day (every 8 hours).

The human body is composed of hundreds of muscles and each has a different function. With every move we make, the body's muscles perform their duties. In many cases, daily activities bring fatigue and muscle pain.

Muscle pain is often associated with overwork, stress and common injuries. This damage may affect more than one muscle at a time and even can also damage ligaments, tendons and soft tissue. Muscle discomfort bring different complications that prevent us the correct performance of daily activities.

SENZADOL of RedNatura contains a valuable combination of natural ingredients, active ingredients are an excellent aid to control muscle and joint pain of any kind today is very common in our population.
Studies show that SENZADOL of RedNatura ingredients have immediate action on the site effectively applied, it is recommended in all types of joint pain, continued use will being and satisfaction. From the first application you will find immediate results giving resistance, strength and joint mobility.

1. Potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
2. Facilitates mobility and the proper functioning of joints.
3. Reduce the inflamed joint.
4. Improving the movement, flexibility, endurance increases in the application sites.
5. Reduces muscle aches.


Felicidad que te mueve.