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Do you suffer from constipation?

It is one of the three leading causes of consultation with the doctor.

Solve your constipation problem with Herba Green Lax, discards toxins, desinflama stomach, stimulates metabolism, eliminates intestinal parasites, and does not irritate the intestine. Decide to purify your body naturally.

Prune (Prunus domestica).
Rhubarb (rhubarb L.).
Papaya (Carica papaya).
reed fistula (Cassia fistula).
Wild mallow (Malva sylvestris).
cascara (Rhammus purshiani).

IMPORTANT: fiber should always accompany fluid intake.

PRESENTATION: Bottle with 40 tablets.

Take one tablet every 3rd day.
If you have gastritis or irritable bowel syndrome, consume after meals.